The Evolution of esport

Esport is a form of sports competition with video games as the basic medium. Esport often takes the form of multiplayer, or organized, video game competitions, especially between international teams, either individually or in tournaments. In esport, there is no physical game that needs to be played. Players can participate in head to head competitions and even online tournaments. The results of such events are televised and widely available on the internet.


Throughout the years, esport has evolved from its humble beginnings. Several organizations have sprouted up, offering various types of esport events for teams, individual players, and viewers alike. Some of the most popular of these organizers are Dreamhack and The International e-sports tournament series. In general, most esport competitions involve teams from across the globe. The most popular events include Valve’s annual event The International, where the world’s best teams from all over the world come together to compete for money and glory.

One example of an esport organization is the North American team compendium. This organization works with professional and amateur teams alike, inviting them to join and participating in their competitions and leagues. This way, North American teams know what their opponents are up to, and prepare accordingly. Since the compendium is open to everyone, it also invites fans to take part. By having so many people from around the world playing with the same game, the competition can become extremely stiffer, thus improving the standard of play and standard of player to play in the long run.