The Best League of Legends Podcasts

Esport Talks is a premier sports news network dedicated to delivering in-depth and timely coverage of this growing scene and all those who fuel it. Esports Talk is home to various content and reporting types all dedicated around a single focus when it comes down to maintaining newbie and veteran players alike in the loop with the latest in esports. One such publication is the “Esports Insider” which features interviews from top players and casters, giving insight not only on the pros but on the wider scene as well. From an informative interview with Michael Lee, one half of Tastosis, you get a rare glimpse behind the scenes at what goes on at an event, the strategies and players used by the pros, how the professional scene is affected by recent events and much more.

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Tasteless and Regretful are two of the most popular personalities behind the reins of experts Talk. They have done quite a bit of ground breaking work in the LoL scene and are sought after as analysts by many professional players and caster/coaches alike. Their insightful and detailed podcasts have won numerous awards and been featured in dozens of places online, including Gamesided’s coverage of the competitive scene. If you want the best information at the highest level, subscribe to the esportbible podcast. It’s where the best of the best to discuss the best possible topics and the ins and outs of the game at a high level.

The “Esports Post” is another great publication that is geared towards the new player and casual observer. It is hosted by Christopher “ocytoplasm” Lin and focuses on all things League of Legends related, whether it be patches events, competitive play, or anything in between. It is a weekly podcast that features interviews from top players and casters, as well as interviews from the various gaming news sites. While the podcast may not be as informative as say, Esports Arty, it is still worth a listen if for nothing else than the inside scoop on what’s going on within the world of League of Legends. From the players’ perspective, it’s a lot of fun and can really help get you interested in the league.