Sport: An Overview

Sport is a very broad category of sport activity, with video games acting as the medium through which the competition takes place. esport refers to any competitive game activity, including but not limited to, racing, motor racing, skill-testing, etc. The word “esport” itself actually means “playing sport.” Other related terms are” spectator sport,” ” spectator gaming,” ” spectator sport event” and” spectator sport competition.”


Esport generally takes the form of multiplayer online game competitions, especially between two players, either individually or in teams. These competitions take place across various platforms and through various modes, such as viewer-driven and server-based casting. In terms of esport, there is a lot of activity on the international level, but it has recently been getting popular in the North American region, especially with the growth of such streaming platforms as Twitch and Dreamhack.

Professional gamers have been actively participating in these tournaments for several years now, with the World Cyber Games (WCS) and the Electronic Sports World (ESW) being two of its most prominent annual competitors. In recent times, many individual gamers have taken to performing live online gaming events – most notably the infamous “Evo majors” – where they go up against other live gamers and showcase their skills for the world to see. Through the years, esport has expanded to the extent that it has now become a major industry within itself.