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The popular game playing platform called esports is a free to play, online esport where the winners of matches are determined. It features numerous game types including PVP, ARTS, Strategy and casual games that can be played by all ages and demographics. Due to the overwhelming support from its community, there has been an explosive growth in terms of both players and traffic on the platform. In this article we will discuss some interesting facts about sports and how it evolved and developed over time.

esports news

At the time of writing, there have been over 9 million players registered and the number is growing every month with several hundred new players joining every day. The growth rate per year has been more than double that of December last year. One of the hottest topics of discussion at the moment is the future of ESL, which is the largest ESL gaming organization and the biggest in Europe. Many people have speculated whether ESL would switch platforms in the future or not considering the immense popularity of the free to play option. With many people registering daily for the free trial, it is unlikely that ESL will make such a switch.

For the time being ESL will focus more on the PC platform where most of their revenues come from, and they also have plans to bring the service to the Apple iPhone in the near future. Another interesting trend emerging out of ESL is the integration of esport showmatches into their live television coverage. Not only do you get to see the best ESL matches anywhere in the world to live, but the best players in the world duke it out in what is becoming known as the battle arena games like League of Legends and CS: GO. We can expect much more of this in the future. If you have any interest in the ESL or in the various esport events and competitions around the world, I strongly recommend that you sign up for their free ESL Newsletters, where they send you regular updates on new information and announcements regarding events, tournaments and even player profiles.