Keeping Up With European ESL Premier Series and ESL X Games

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Many of the best ESL events take place over the course of several days and nights, so getting up-to-date on what is taking place in any given game is vital to your success. Through Esports Talk you can follow along with the live action from major events including the European ESL Premier Series and the American ESL X Games. The site features an archive of all the big stories from these premier tournaments, giving you the inside story on everything that is happening both on and off the field. If there is a big surprise or new development involving the game you are playing, you can be sure that you will find out about it right here first by catching the major news outlets. The site is constantly updated with new team league standings, results, and player news, allowing you to follow the progress of your favorite team or players throughout the season.

The premium news service from ESL is unique compared to other sources because of the in-depth, analytical nature of its reporting. You can even get the inside scoop on the player or team you are most interested in through the player spotlight sections that showcase the top players and teams throughout the week. In addition to the in-depth looks at players and teams, Esports Talk also provides regular reports on several gaming topics, ranging from general gaming news to in-depth interviews of game designers and players. With regular updates from ESL, you will know exactly what is happening within the world of competitive gaming.