How to Read Sports Betting Odds and Get the Best Chances of Winning

Solid value can be derived from knowing how to read sports betting odds. In each sports betting line, which is not posted in EVEN, there’s either a favorite or an underdog. Favorite usually carry larger numbers while contenders have smaller numbers. These numbers are what influence the public’s opinion of each team, player, and event.

how to read sports betting

In betting parlance, saying overtime means to win after the score has been overtime. In other words, the game is being “tied” at any given point in the game. For instance, a basketball game is being said to be “tied” at the three-point line when a team has a two-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Just as a baseball game may be said to be “tied” at the top with one team if they both have a score over in their respective games, a football game can also be “tied” at the half-court mark.

Knowing how to read sports betting odds and how to interpret them are important aspects of winning any wager. The odds posted on the right side of the page will usually tell the public what the final bet amount will be before the contest begins. Many sites offer these odds throughout the entire season for ease of access. A bettor should find these odds and compare them to the final payout to get the best chances of winning. The odds may also be used to determine if the game has the potential for a payout or not.