esport – An Overview

Esport is a kind of sports competition with electronic video games as its major components. Esports often takes the form of multiplayer, organized, virtual video game competitions, most commonly between international teams, either locally or as part of international tournaments. Most esport events are high-stakes affairs where the only way to emerge victorious is by displaying your athletic ability in the greatest possible way. The game play itself is very spectacular and is designed to be both exciting and suspenseful, at the same time it keeps you engaged and constantly updated on the game’s happenings around you. There are several types of esport competitions and each one has their own unique features, rules, rules and playing style. Let us discuss some of the most popular esport events you can find online:


A very popular type of esport event is the League of Legends (LoL) tournament. In a LoL tournament, two teams are decided to participate and are assigned with a specific set of tasks; capturing the other team’s flag within a certain period of time and returning it back to the neutral zone will be a key point of the game. Once a team manages to bring back the flag back to their base, the winning team will get that team’s prize. There are several international tournaments for LoL and most of them are well watched and known by audiences from all over the world. Some of the major annual championship tournaments include the ESL One World Series and the ESL Pro League.

Another major esport event is the Electronic Sports Tournament (EST). Unlike the LoL tournaments, where a main game is played, the Tournaments take the form of multiple match matches. Players of both teams fight their way to be the first team to eliminate all other teams advancing to the grand finals. In most esport events, the prize money awarded is dependent on the ranking of the winning team, and the overall notoriety of the winning team. There are also several notable tournaments annually such as the ESL Season 1 and the Dreamhack Winter.