Betmaster Sportsbook – Great New Features for the Android Phone

It was in 1995 when Betmaster launched their online sportsbook. Now, the company has grown significantly with a vast variety of features and plans for more advanced betting systems. Betmaster has had many loyal customers who have been using the service for a number of years, making it one of the best sportsbooks to use. With that said, they are still looking for more aggressive marketing strategies to help grow their business and keep customers coming back. Currently, they offer two different options:


Android Bet offers bettors the ability to bet through their mobile phone. The Betmaster Mobile application is designed to allow bettors to view their sportsbook’s entire slate of games, including all games held in their area. In addition, you can also use your android phone to place and accept bets, as well as read the daily update on the current status of all Betmaster sportsbook wagering odds. Betmaster has partnered with several other companies to make their mobile experience even better. In fact, many customers prefer to use one of the Betmaster Apps for their smart phone instead of using the standard web browser. Although Android is not available in the UK, many people have stated that they have already been enjoying the Betmaster experience while using their mobile device.

Another exciting new feature of Betmaster’s new offering is the iOS platform. The Betmaster iOS platform is used to access the Betmaster sportsbook itself, as well as any other online betting section you may need access to. Betmaster provides a number of different interfaces for you to choose from, depending on what your preferences are. With the iOS platform, you will be able to access all your favorites games and all the statistics and odds for each game. Additionally, with Betmaster’s new mobile app, you can also view your favorite teams and players and get game statistics, scores, and news on player injuries, as well as get breaking news on any player whose contract might expire soon.