Adding Citations to Sky Sports News

Sky Sports News is a brand of British satellite subscription television news channels operated jointly by the Pay-Per-View TV company Sky and the satellite TV company Comcast. Sky Sports News is now the leading subscription television news brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland combined. This is partly due to the fact that the company’s flagship competition in the United Kingdom, the Sky Sports Channel, is now an hour-long news program broadcast exclusively on its channel on Sky.

It is also due to the fact that the general audience tuning into the Sky Sports channel for the coverage of matches, games, and tournaments is aging. While the younger generations of British and Irish citizens are growing with age, the population of their prime-time viewers is shrinking as they grow older. In 2004, the average age of the audience that tuned into Sky Sports was 47 years and this continues to be the case. It is likely that in the future the number of people who tune in to watch the Sky Sports channel will decline because of the fact that the percentage of people that are over the age of fifty has increased in the twenty years since it first began. The main benefactors of sky sports news are the large number of advertisers that purchase space on the channels dedicated to this content and the fact that this content can be readily accessed by virtually anyone anywhere.

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