A Look at Football Betting

Football betting can be one of the most interesting, addictive, and profitable activities to engage in, however, its nature is slightly different to that of conventional gambling. Sports betting is the act of placing a wager on a specific outcome and predicting sporting results based on scientific statistical analysis. The likelihood of sports wagers being successful greatly depends on the amount of research undertaken by the bettor, as well as whether they are betting with their heart or their head. The popularity of sports betting is widespread within North America but overseas sports lovers are now turning their attentions towards placing football bets online.


Spread betting, on the other hand, involves the spread between the odds and the total amount wagered on a single game. In football betting the spread is the difference between the odds of a team winning an event (i.e. a football match) and the total amount wagered on that single contest. The spread is used by book makers to create a small profit for themselves by ensuring that bettors place their bets at odds which will make them a profit. Spread betting can be considered similar to gambling in that it relies on guesswork and speculation in determining the outcomes of sporting events, however the wagers are placed with a much greater degree of confidence than in traditional gambling.

Both spread betting and moneyline betting rely on mathematical predictions made by the bettor, either through their own mathematics or by using one or more spread or money line algorithms. While spread betting has no inherent advantage over moneyline betting in terms of potential payout, there are many advantages which are both negative and positive for each type of betting. Moneyline betting allows for larger wagers and better payouts because the final percentage is often less than that of spread betting. In addition, the potential payout from a single bet in a moneyline account is capped at 100%, whereas the payout on a spread bet is unlimited. The negative aspect of moneyline betting is that it relies heavily on luck and is therefore not recommended for those who prefer a high degree of control over their betting decisions.